How to Be Brilliant During Social Gatherings 🌟

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Even the most confident can feel anxiety at social gatherings.

I would love to have mastery of every new challenge at first step. But the truth is, I have many more dreams to fulfill, and each one requires me to test my abilities: meeting strangers, learning something new, not knowing what the hell I'm doing.

Entering uncharted territory can be especially terrifying. This can be anything from a business networking event to meeting your new love's family for the first time. In these situations, we all may feel the "kindergarten complex"--showing up not knowing quite what to expect. But don't let the unfamiliar sway you off course from who you really are and what you bring to the table.

Sometimes the angst we feel isn't because we are venturing into the unfamiliar. The events that can cause the most anxiety are those that are too familiar. Things like the same ol' family gathering or yet another work meeting.  Those experiences can activate a slew of slimy neural connections that kick our minds into uber-negative thinking.

Either way, I want to help you feel charged up and ready to go in there with your brightest, most beautiful self.

Here are my best tips to make every social event shine 🌟:

1. Lead with love ❀️ and expect it in return. You can never go wrong with love. Walk right in there with an agenda to serve. Ask for business cards and think of a way to help someone with their ideas, set the table, hold a baby. Lead with the way you love best. And expect it back in return. 

2. Set an intention to accomplish your objectives and believe you'll achieve them. What are your main objectives in life? Find your soul-mate? Build your business? Get a promotion? To be heard? Every meeting is an opportunity to get you closer to your north star. Think through how this gathering might help you achieve your own desired result. Setting this intention beforehand will help ensure it.

3. Be you. And be you hard. You were invited for a reason. What is it? And if you can't think of a good reason, think again. Reframe whatever thought is making you miserable and reach for the best feeling thought possible. You are one valuable human being--know it and shine it all over everyone.

4. Strive for fun, not perfection. This wins every time. Use humor, football jokes, put your goofy foot forward. You'll be the life of the party, memorable, human. 

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5. When all else fails, liven the mood with muffins. Or cake. Or bagels. Or jewelry. I don't know...just bring food. Or gifts. Want to make more impact with your offering? Make it reflect your personal brand. Make it healthy, or beautiful, or sporty. Put your company logo on the cupcakes.

You can, like the adage states, "fake it 'til you make it", but better yet, go in there prepared.

🌟 Now get on out there and be your most brilliant, amazing self, you incredible human being.

Let us know your best tips on surviving social gatherings below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡. And tell us how it goes!

#hustlelove my friend.