How to Get Your Book Written and Published {VIDEO}

Now that my book, "Control the Future: Thought Technology for Influencers" is live, I've had a lot of friends ask, "HOW did you get that done?"

In this video, I will give you all, and I mean ALL, of my secrets to getting the book written and published. Here are just some of the things I will discuss:

  • Writing the book.
  • Website and social media.
  • Editing the book.
  • Getting a cover made.
  • Formatting the book.
  • Getting reviews.
  • Obtaining a copyright and ISBN.
  • Traditional or self-publishing how-to's.

To see the book trailer, go here!

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Have a beautiful day, my friends. And don't let anyone, or anything, stop you from writing your book. The world needs to hear your voice ❤️.

Tami GreenComment