How to make a vision board 🚀


Do this one thing to have the best year ever ✅.

It's easy, it's fun. And it works. Science has proven it.

Make a vision board.

Every year I make one and am amazed how everything comes true.

Here's how to to make a vision board:

  1. Open a Word doc. (I use OpenSource Libre--use whatever works for you.)
  2. Search Google images for things that represent your dreams. They should make you feel happy and inspired.
  3. Drop the images into your document and arrange them the way that makes you happy. Note: some images should be symbolic, not literal. That's because sometimes you haven't yet imagined how big the dream actually is. 
  4. Take a screenshot of your vision board and save it as an image.
  5. Use it as your screensaver on your desktop AND on your phone. That's it! 

Post your biggest dreams below! 👇👇

Let's support each other in making them happen 🌟💫. Reach for the stars, my friend.