How to turn around a bad day

Miss uber-happy, #hustlelove ❤️ master here. But this morning started off not so much.

I was up late last night working on two new client proposals. Yay! 


⏰ I woke up late.

📞 Had to push back two video calls.

💻 Then cat spilled water on my brand new boyfriend, my beloved Mac notebook. 

I'd give you a sad face emoticon but I'm on my son's PC and they aren't cooperating on here :(

But here is what I know:

✅All problems, all negative situations, ALWAYS, 100% of the time, work out to my advantage.

✅And I always get what I want.

✅And life is fun and good.

I can already see so many beautiful things that are happening. The kindness extended to me by those I met with this morning. Both of my sons pitching in to help. I'll probably meet the new love of my life at the Apple Store tomorrow.

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