The #hustlelove Attraction-Based Sales Model

The new world order is attraction-based sales, not influencer marketing and not getting your message out to as many as possible only to weed out unqualified leads. 

Think of it this way: it’s an inverted sales funnel.


The funnel starts small at the top. It starts with you and just your love for humanity and an offering that serves them. You will attract a few who are curious, and some who really get it.

→You aren’t selling anything. You are giving it away, freely.

→You are showing up on social media channels and engaging.


The next step is to keep pouring in that love hard to those who are beginning to follow you. You will start to attract more love to you. More and more people will start telling other people about you. And it is here where you will also start connecting with the superstars…the influencers who believe in you.

→Note: don’t go after someone as an influencer because they have a huge following. Most of my biggest advocates were not “shiny.”


As the funnel gets wider at the bottom, you are gaining momentum. More people are coming to you because they love who you are and what you have to offer. 

→You’ll keep offering your kindness and support. 

→But your time is limited and valuable. People will start paying you for your offering.

→ You’ll use your cash to hire people and use paid advertising to reach more people. 


Because you know your market so well, you will know what they need. You aren’t chasing anyone else’s market. You are creating it.

→You will come up with ways to provide more services and products to scale YOU.

→You will move fast because you are connected to those you serve, 

→You are always listening for more ways you can serve them as their needs change.

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