I Need a Wife ❤️

Wives are amazing. They are so pretty and lovely.

Mine would do most of the cooking and cleaning. My house would be decorated and smell so good.

That would take such a load off my mind.

She’d stay home with sick kids and take care of doctor and teacher visits.

My career would take off if I had a wife!

I’d have so much more time to devote to learning and achieving. I'd probably take up a sport or a hobby. 

She wouldn’t have as much time as I do to work out or eat healthily. But that’s okay. I’ll support her mom body anyway.

She’d make less money than I do because she’d been doing disproportionately more of all of this stuff. I might like that, though. I’d feel so amazing about myself to be such a strong provider.

Man, I really need a wife.

I'm not gay and I'm not a guy. I'm just a woman who needs a wife.

Or maybe, if you're smart enough, you'll get the irony in this post. 

What are your thoughts on gender roles? Comment below 👇👇👇 #hustlelove my friends