I tap into God all the time, actually {VIDEO}

When I recently read Daniel Goleman’s book, "Altered Traits”, it was the first time I realized I’m a master-level meditator. Meaning, I have logged in over 16,000 hours of meditation and, as a result, have completely altered my brain.

A date recently asked me how long I meditate each day and I replied, "uhm...all day? Like, I rarely am not."

He wanted to know how many hours you have to put in to attain enlightenment. To which I responded, "just start where you are and build on it."

For me, I'd make such a mess of my life that I couldn't even work (or think) so I ended up spending years and years in pursuit of Truth.

But it truly just begins with a first step, a willingness to learn and receive. And your life changes right then. These practices have changed my life in unexpected ways.

For example, I spent my entire life worried about what other people thought of me; trying to fit in, second-guessing myself and often deferring my brilliance to others.

Now, with judgment and mind chatter out of the way, I am free to be Me. And to hear the Truth from God.

I got a beautiful message yesterday. He asked, "help me find God." Wow. Yes, my friend. That is what I do.

How do you hear from God?