Ms. Happy got even happier

Ms. Happy got even happier 😍.  Here's how! 👇👇👇

The state of happiness is a practice. You work on positive thinking through the practices I'm teaching you. The more you practice, the happier you become.  The happier you become, the more productive your time is spent.

You problem solve easier, and attract cooperation and resources to you. Your world becomes better and better. You live the life you love ❤️.

That makes you even happier.

👉 Will there be problems in life? You bet. But problems are not put in your path to make you miserable. They are there, 100% of the time, to point you to a brighter future.  Your work is to see them as opportunities as quickly as possible. You'll get better and better at this with practice.

A few days ago I was starting to feel unhappy about a relationship in my life. It wasn't aligning with what my insides were telling me I needed. I don't like feeling unhappy. So I got still so I could hear what the best course of action to take was.  From THAT place,🚀  I hustled some love 😍 ✅ It changed everything. 

Now I'm even happier than I was before.

Because the problem wasn't meant to keep me in unhappiness. It was meant to point me towards a brighter future. 

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