My #1 tip for the best year, ever. Guaranteed✅

This is what I do for a living.

I help people get clear on what they want…and then we make it happen.

Here is my #1 exercise to get it done:

  1. → Get a notebook and write in the left column everything you hate, everything that pisses you off, every failure that bothers you.
  2. → In the right column, across from each statement, write what that awful thing has taught you. → Example: I have failed in relationships = I’m ready for an amazing relationship.
  3. → That right column is now your guide to your own North Star.
  4. → Tear the paper in half, ceremoniously destroy that left column. Keep the right column as your affirmations and guide.

🚀 Let all your actions align with your new guide.

Life teaches us what we truly want by showing us what we DON’T want. Don’t get stuck in the past. Let it guide you to your future.

Stay tuned for tips on how to execute to make all your dreams happen, big time. #hustlelove my friend!