What it feels like to be “recovered”.

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You may be reading this to hear about my experiences recovering from mental illness.

You want to know how I went from three consecutive suicide attempts...being rushed to the emergency room each time, having my stomach pumped out....wanting to die.

You want to know how I got from the place of being that broken...from losing everything...to here. Today.

Many are curious about how I regained money and social status and went on to live in mansions. Yes, I did that. 

And I've done a lot of public speaking and writing about the practical end of my recovery and about how science has proven my claims on how, exactly, to do it. But my “recovery” is so much more than that. Those are all by-products of what really happened on this journey.

I promise I will show you, step by step, how to get yourself from "there" to "here". Whether your “there” is skid row—living under a bridge and drinking yourself into oblivion—or just having a really, really, really bad day.

But today I simply hope to show you what it feels like to be on the other side. The “here” you are desiring.

Simply put, it feels like I'm walking in heaven. 

A beautiful friend of mine always seems surreally happy. She told me she feels like she was just born on a lucky ⭐️ star. I told her I wasn’t born that way...I had a long path of figuring out how to get there...and now that I have, I am truly sitting on my own lucky star.

Here I am now, sitting at my computer in the early morning drinking my coffee while my children sleep soundly. The refrigerator is humming as a gift to me of silence and focus.

I wake up every morning, looking forward to all the gifts that will come my way. I bring my mind to the present and just appreciate the love being poured into me and through me.

My story is about how God took me out of that bed and did something to me that changed my life and taught me how to live and love again.

I want you to know that my friend and I have both reached heaven. And that, my friend, is YOUR purpose in this life as well. You came here to figure THAT out. And you will. The point of this life is not to suffer.  It is to find out how to be happy. Period.

We each choose different paths to get “here”.  And if yours, or someone you love, has chosen a bumpier path as I did, that's perfectly fine.

You aren't getting anything wrong, you are always getting it right. Always. You are right where you need to be.

The first step is to be willing. Open up your arms and your heart to be who you know you were born to be. The rest will follow. I will show you how.

I believe in you, and I believe you came here to be happy and do amazing things with your life. I am joining you on your perfect journey, and I look forward to hearing about all the goodness that is coming to you.

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