Why I Became a Minimalist Last Year ↓

When I got clear on my true intentions for my next life,

I realized that tedious tasks were never going to get me where I wanted to go.

Here is what I did:

⇁ Traded my 6700 sq. ft. house for an apartment. The time gained from not doing maintenance and upkeep? 10 hours a week.

⇁ Automated and AI everything possible. Time and money saved? So much! Automate everything.

⇁ Growth hacked. Understand best practices in SEO and social media. Time saved? Months.

⇁ Simplified work out to six minutes: planks, abs, squats, push-ups. Yoga on Saturdays. ⇁ Kids' extra activities? Only what they love and is easy for me.

⇁ Got rid of everything that was broken. Fung Shei principal #1.

⇁ Delegate/hire what I'm not best at. Lean into your excellence. Find those who are good at what you're not.

What are you getting rid of so you can launch off the planet this year?

Tami GreenComment