The first variable in the formula is P

P = Problem

A problem is a simplified way of saying a desire, a pain, or a longing. It can be called many things but basically any time dissatisfaction, or any negative emotion is felt, it creates a desire within us to solve the problem, which creates a solution. 

We as humans are always creating and growing because of problems that arise. In business, we can’t create a product or service unless there is a need for it somewhere. Great inventions arise out of a need observed by the inventor. But how does a Problem really result in a Future or a solution? 

In product development, we are always seeking to understand the problem we are solving. Where is our customer’s pain? What keeps them up at night? What is it they really need? Does my solution solve it and how?

Our personal lives are no different. Life hands us problems all day, every day. Some are big, some are small. And each time we encounter something we don’t like, it creates in us a desire to solve it. This is the purpose of coming to this earth: to grow, to learn, to create.

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