thought technology formula resources.png

The third variable in the Formula is Resources

R = Resources

In order to create something that has never existed, our future, we must gather resources. We are not an island unto ourselves. This is good news because connecting with things, people and ideas is a lot of fun.

It is easy to gather resources when we utilize thought technology to find them. The more pure our mind is, the quicker we will attract every thing we need to manifest our desire. What if a resource has never been created? Well then, you can create that, too, just as computer chips were created from a component of sand (silicon).

Resources can be anything required to bring into being what you hope for. If, for example, you are lonely and desire a beautiful lover, then there needs to be another person that comes to you. Or if you are frustrated over how long you have to wait in traffic, you will likely need the resources of engineers and materials and ways of building things to improve your experience. These are all resources you must connect with to create your desire.

The way to gather resources is to learn to connect to them through inspiration. Our small brains, even a group of Ivy League thinkers, have a very limited capacity to understand. Thought technology will increase the capability of your brains, but will also allow you to tap into infinite answers that have never before been imagined.

The practices to tap into resources are similar to those we use to tap into inspiration. We empty our mind of it’s counter-productive thoughts and through purer intent, connect our energy to the resources that are in sync with ours. You will find many resources to tap into resources on my blog and through my social media accounts.

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