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Control the Future: Thought Technology for Leaders
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Ready to Retrain Your Brain?

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This Is Your Time,My Friend

You are going to FOCUS clearly.

You are going to be calm and confident.

You are going to be successful.

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What's Important to Know


Your thoughts dictate your emotions, your actions, and the outcome of your life. And you can change all of them.


The only purpose of problems are to lead you to your true path in life.


You were born to be brilliant and anyone who has told you otherwise never really understood you.

My time with Tami was priceless. My relationships have improved, and I got that promotion I was seeking. Well worth the money spent!
— Reva H.
I work long hours and am pulled in multiple directions. Tami helped me clear my mind, and my calendar, so that I could focus on what matters most.
— Craig L.
Thank you, Tami.
Your kindness and insights have changed my life. I came to you lost and in distress. Now I am happy.
— Robert W.
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I Will Show You How to Make Your Dreams Come True


I give you the tools therapists and spiritual leaders use so you can do this yourself.


You will feel amazing and clear on your goals.


I teach you how to take effective action and gather the resources you need.

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I've certified coaches, written books and spoken to and coached thousands.


My work has been endorsed by some impressive people.

And now I've put all my experience together in this course, just for you.


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Let's Do This!

  • ten weeks of soul discovery and self-empowerment.

  • Each week builds on the next.

  • This is going to be easy, this is going to be fun, and you are going to do the work to change your life.