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 Hey Class:

The video and audio for today’s class didn’t record properly. AND ALSO, I have another video that is similar to give you. If you attended the class today, and you want more, then this video will be a bonus for you!

Here’s the homework for the week…

Thought Technology: The Formula HOMEWORK:

“Go Back”

  • Think of something in your life that was an amazing event. The birth of a child, the job offer, anything that stands out as being one of the happiest moments of your life.

  • Next, think about what happened before that event.

  • Then think about the thing that happened before that event.

  • Keep thinking about the previous event until you reached the horrible thing that set it all in motion.

  • The purpose of this exercise is so that you can see, in retrospect, how an enormous problem really did lead you to the future of your dreams.

Okay, friends, have a beautiful week 😍, Tami

If you have any questions call at (281) 541-8665.

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