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 Bonus link: How to build a 3-D house.

Bonus link: How to create a vision board. To expand: mood boards incorporate textures and materials, sp create a mood board. Some people appreciate the sensory experience of creating. In this process we expand upon just the use of our thoughts to all of our senses to create something larger. This process is great for creating in teams, as well as for individuals. 

Add this to your physical (not digital) mood board:

  • See

  • Hear

  • Smell

  • Touch

  • Taste

Models incorporate structures either digitally, through drawing, or with physical materials

Inspiration Homework: From Control the Future: Thought Technology for Influencers, read chapters 10 (The Inspiration) and 14 (Willingness) then open up your heart, mind and arms and say “I am willing to receive greater knowledge than what I can see right now.”

Go to www.zoom.us  and put in the meeting ID: 655-264-4179.  The number to call in if you're in the United States is (408) 638-0986. If you are trying to call, use the number, enter the meeting ID, and press pound twice.  If you are not in the United States, you can find the number for your country here: https://zoom.us/zoomconference. If you have any questions call at (281) 541-8665.