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Lesson One


This week will be all about getting settled into the course!

1. Watch the video above. (Ignore the references to the class being 7 or 8 weeks long. I made it longer for you to get more out of it!)

2. Download the book here

3. Download the DBT skills worksheets here.

4. Download the Intro Homework.

5. If you want to connect with community and are on Facebook, join here: FB Community: Retrain the Brain with Tami Green

6. The class is held every Tuesday at 12:30 pm CST. The first week, give yourself 30 minutes to learn how to log in to Zoom video conferencing. Here's how to join:

The number to call in if you're in the United States is (408) 638-0986. If you are trying to call, use the number, enter the meeting ID, and press pound twice.  If you are not in the United States, you can find the number for your country here: If you have any questions call at (281) 541-8665.


If you have questions, email us at