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Tami Green conducts in-person one or two day seminars, teaching the skills of thought technology to your organization. Using the principles of positive psychology, mindfulness and meditation, and relationship and communication skills, your team will be poised for an outstanding future.

These seminars promise the following results:

  • Improve performance and collaboration.

  • Increase effectiveness and decision-making capacity.

  • Elevate cutting-edge, creative thinking.

  • Increase focus and clarity for strategic planning and effective execution.

  • Develop resilience and a sense of well-being.

Team Training

Team training is conducted either in person or online and adds the additional benefit of on-going individual coaching.

Sessions are held weekly, one and a half hours each for six months with four to six participants. Each week progresses through using the Formula: P x I x R = F and weekly skill building assignments will be given.

In our team training, coach and coachees partner to:

  • • Collaborate on goal objectives and resource gathering.
  • • Discover and practice thought technology, communication and relationship skills.
  • • Uncover challenges that may emerge along the way, thereby creating opportunities.

The online group coaching model adds further benefits:

  • Lower cost per coaching unit. 
  • Increased collaboration and practice of skills as a group. 
  • Ability to connect with coachees globally and in remote locations for diverse discussion. 
  • Increased application of knowledge through peer conversations.

For more information or an organization proposal please contact us here.