Tami Green was anything but an influencer.

Her journey led her through broken relationships, suicide attempts, mental corruption, and financial destitution. But deep down she knew she was powerful—had a more significant calling, a broader vision.

She knows that about you too.

After her third unsuccessful suicide attempt, something happened. She had tried so hard to find the answers to solve her problems, but her mind was weary. Now with several mental illness diagnoses; her brain was broken.

With nowhere else to turn, she gave up and said this: “I don't know if You are out there, but I need help. I don't know what to do.”

What followed was a magical journey of understanding. When Tami became willing, her mind quieted and she saw everything differently. Mental illness didn't break her brain; her mind was trying to show her something all along. She realized that her beliefs had held her back and that to change her life, she needed to change her thinking.

Tami began studying and applying neuroscience, philosophy, spirituality, the law of attraction, and psychology to her life--each principle adding to the next. She disconnected her chaotic thoughts from her mind and saw them as words. She realized that negative thinking had created all her troubles, but now understood she could create a brighter future with better thoughts. And she would do just that.

Through thousands of hours of meditation, she learned to quiet her mind and access Truth. Where once her thoughts were a jumbled mess, she now could now use her mind as a powerful tool to replace destructive thinking with empowering ideas.

Over time, she learned to access wisdom, and not only did her life around, but it also became as beautiful as once imagined. She first sought answers to solve the problems of her own life, but it led to something more significant: her life's calling to help others.

Through the years, Tami has testified to Members of Congress, spoken at conferences and gained a large social media following. Her coaching and inspiring speeches have helped thousands manifest magical lives by giving people the tools to change their beliefs.

Tami has worked with artists, best selling authors, professional athletes, business leaders, and many other influencers. Some of the practices Tami teaches to obtain higher thinking are meditation, mindfulness, the law of attraction and positive psychology, and she has created many others. They all have one thing in common: the ability to use our minds to manifest an outcome.

She created a term to describe how to use specific practices to manifest a preferred future: “thought technology.”

She decided it was time to take all she’d learned and send it out into the world in a more significant way—to write this book which distills all of her studies and coaching techniques so that you can easily apply it to your life.

This book will help you break free from limiting beliefs, heal your mind and your heart, and teach you how to redeem every struggle to create a brighter future for yourself and all humanity.

Train your brain for a better outcome in all areas of your life Truly connect with Spirit Fill your world with love

“Denying who you are will never, ever go away. You will only grow more influential until one day, the You that has outgrown your body and your family and your own beliefs will break free and destroy and create things. You are a brilliant human being just waiting to be set free. Now is the time. Welcome to your future." - Tami Green