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The Formula to Create Any Outcome You Desire

The Formula summarizes the creation of all future; whether it is about creating a relationship, a textile or a multi-billion dollar business. You can use it to create anything you've ever desired, and then the next thing, and then the next.

This simple equation is the way to understand thought technology and you can use it to create anything you want. Utilizing thought technology will exponentially increase your intelligence so that you can find infinite answers and create the future of your dreams future faster.

P x R x I = F

P =Problem

All problems (desires, dissatisfactions) immediately point us to answers. However, when our thoughts only focus on the problem, we disallow the creation of the future.

I= Inspiration

Our thoughts control whether or not we see the biggest solution possible. We practice achieving Inspiration to see clearly what our future holds.

R= Resources

As we gather resources to create our solution, we must use our thoughts to find them. Here we learn to tap into Infinite Intelligence to gather resources we are not aware of. And if they do not exist, we will create them ourselves.

F= Future

All this together creates our future. The future we create will only be as big as we allow it with our thoughts.

Using the Formula

Ready to understand more and apply these principles to achieve every outcome you desire?

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